AFLYST – Sagateatern – Borås (S)

25. april 2020
Österlånggatan 59, Borås, Sweden
Sagateatern, Borås
AFLYST – Sagateatern – Borås (S)
the BOWIE tribute

the BOWIE tribute visits Sagateatern, Borås (S)

the BOWIE tribute is Danmarks – end perhaps Europes – best bid on a tribute band celebrating the legend David Bowie and his music. When the band starts up the engine and the freight train begins rolling, then it’s like listening to the master himself: Authentic, genuine and highly addictive – Bowie is in the room!

Shoulder to shoulder
The audience stands shoulder to shoulder in the tightly packed concert hall. The sound of a freight train fills the room and Danish band the BOWIE tribute takes the stage to the sound of “Station to Station”:
“The return of The Thin White Duke – throwing darts in lovers eyes” cuts through the air. The band’s heavy beat and Michael Bjørn’s intense vocal holds the audience in an iron grip. Bowie fills the room – if you close your eyes, he’s here himself.
True enthusiasm With charismatic and soulful Michael Bjørn in front of a dedicated and well-playing band, the Danish tribute band the BOWIE tribute takes the stage with magical, powerful and evocative versions of Bowie’s legendary songs. True enthusiasm and love for David Bowie’s musical universe permeates the music as the band pays tribute to Bowie’s musical legacy. The set list includes songs from throughout Bowie’s career: From monumental “Station to Station”, the space adventure “Starman”, acidic “Scary Monsters”, mega hits like the love anthems “Heroes” and “Under Pressure” to Bowie’s own requiem “Lazarus” from his last album “Black Star”. Not to forget “Let’s Dance”, “China Girl”, “Ziggy Stardust”, “Changes and Life on Mars”. Or how about “Ashes to Ashes” and “Station to Station”?

Magical music
“David Bowie’s music means a lot to us in the band. Bowie pushed the boundaries, he always walked new paths, and he was constantly moving as an artist – he never repeated himself. What other artist did that so persistent?”, tells lead singer Michael Bjørn and continues:
“It is an honor to be allowed to play and explore every corner of Bowie’s huge production. We work extensively in the BOWIE tribute with the mood and details of the music – of course with humility and respect for the spirit of Bowie’s musical universe.”
“We are very much looking forward to every concert! To meet our audience, our fans, to play Bowie’s magical music!”

50 years of Bowie
50 years went from Major Tom disappeared into the space in “Life on Mars” to David Bowie rised to heaven with the album “Black Star” – and what 50 years! The master himself is no longer here, but his songs are as cast in the same iron as the railroad tracks that at “Station to Station” make their way to the next stop: Sharp, forever young, present.
Bowie was an innovator who constantly searched for new avenues. Never did he stop and repeat himself. Until his death, he scanned the boundaries of his musical journey through the album “Black Star” – his own requiem “Lazarus” is a cornerstone of Bowie’s career.
the BOWIE tribute has chosen to dedicate a row of concerts to the celebration of 50 years of Bowie – Celebrating 50 Years of Bowie – with tracks from Bowie’s vinyl albums from “Space Oddity” to “Black Star” and albums in between: “Heroes”, “Low”, “Young Americans”, “Lodger”, “Ziggy Stardust”, “Diamond Dogs”, “Honky Dory”, “Station to Station” and more.

Fans on Facebook
“YES!! You are so crazy !!!!!! ” – Line Strecker
“What an experience – by far the best Bowie band in Denmark without comparison !!” – Kit Bettina Mølgaard
“He’s a truly amazing talent and Denmark is one lucky country” – Seen Lee Robinson on lead vocalist Michael Bjørn
“We heard you yesterday for the first time – and it won’t be the last! You are SO talented and you have such a great energy. Thank you, thank you! ” – Lena Kjer Steffensen
“Great concert!” – Thomas Magnusson
“Fabulous!” – Jane White
“Awesome!” – Suzanne Franklin

the BOWIE tribute:
Michael Bjørn (lead vokal)
Christina Lecocq (vokal)
John Kenneth (guitar og vokal)
Morten Hall (bas)
Finn Markwardt (keyboards og vokal)
Lars Bertelsen (trommer)
Peter Brander, Mediasound (lyd)

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