6. august 2022
Stallebrottet, 456 55 Bohus-malmön, Sverige
the BOWIE tribute

The danish band the BOWIE tribute celebrates 50 years of the iconic David Bowie album:

Ziggy Stardust – 50 years celebration Tour 2022

Experience everlasting hits such as Five Years, Moonage Daydream, Soul Love, Starman, Rock n’ Roll Suicide and of course the title song of Bowie’s groundbreaking album Ziggy Stardust, which changed pop and rock music for ever


In the year 2020 the BOWIE tribute celebrated David Bowie’s 50-year anniversary as an album-artist. In the year 2021 the band celebrated the 50-year anniversary for the album Hunky Dory, and the celebration continues. In the year 2022 the band will celebrate the 50 year anniversary of Bowie’s fifth album. Among music critics, one of the most highly praised albums throughout music history: Ziggy Stardust from 1972. With lead singer Michael Bjørn in front, the BOWIE tribute delivers the ultimate Bowie experience with energy, presence and authenticity.

With nerve and great empathy, Denmark’s – and possibly Europe’s  – best bet on a Bowie tribute band plays songs from David Bowies fifth album, an album which in many ways changed the view of pop and rock music of the time. At the shows, the band will play songs from the album Ziggy Stardust, as well as a selection of Bowies greatest songs.

In the words of GAFFA, the music magazine:
“There’s a natural focus in the presence og lead singer Michael Saxe Bjørn, as HE is the one “who is” Bowie – or something similar. It is done so tastefully, sometimes underplayed. And with a deeply rooted respect for the material at hand. Once in a while, a pair of closed eyes might deceive, because “isn’t it…?”
It must have taken hours alone in the bathroom to get the voice this close to Bowie’s unique vocal sound.

We – the BOWIE tribute – are looking so much forward to return (under a different name though) to Stallebrottet to perform for the dedicated and passionate, swedish audience! We barely can’t wait until August 6, 2022!

the BOWIE tribute:
Michael Saxe (lead vocals ans rhythm guitars)
Christina Lecocq (lead and backing vocals)
John Kenneth (lead guitars)
Morten Hall (bass)
Finn Markwardt (keyboards and background vocals)
Lars Bertelsen (drums)
Peter Brander, Mediasound (sound engineer)

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