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how we sound

We miss you!! We miss the concerts, the audience, we miss playing som awesome Bowie songs! We miss!!

So why not play a song from home in times of corona virus. Enjoy SLIP AWAY from the album Heathen from 2002.

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our fans on social media

  • on to the BOWIE tributes own star
    Pia Rasmussen
    Bowie is back!! Excellent concert - looking forward to the next one!!!
  • on to the BOWIE tributes own star
    Christina Hovmand Kristensen
    Tears in my eyes. Thanks ❤
  • on to the BOWIE tributes own star
    Kirsten Lykke Simonsen
    Better than ever before!! Thank you for a wonderful concert!
  • on to the BOWIE tributes own star
    Heidi Kjelin
    Once again: THANK YOU for a truly superb concert! Denmark's best musicians!
  • on to the BOWIE tributes own star
    Christina Hovmand Kristensen
    Great concert filled with power! I was blown back - you are simply so skillful! ❤
  • on to the BOWIE tributes own star
    Miriam Horstmann
    Fantastic and changing! - the six of you play music like no one else!
  • on to the BOWIE tributes own star
    Sonja Mortensen
    Wow! You are amazing <3

about THE BAND

what we are

a GENUINE bowie experience

The danish tribute band the BOWIE tribute celebrates the musical heritage of late David Bowie.
The band plays songs from the artistic highlights of Bowie’s production – a GENUINE Bowie experience!
The aim is at giving a genuine and new Bowie experience every time they hit the stages in Denmark and Northern Europe.

With charismatic and merciful Michael Saxe in front of a dedicated and skilled band,
the BOWIE tribute goes on stage and overturns the house with magical, powerful and moody versions of Bowie’s legendary songs.
True enthusiasm and love for David Bowie’s musical universe streams the soul of the band when the band keeps Bowie’s memory and musical heritage alive.

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how we look

the BOWIE tribute knows the meaning of performance when playing the songs of late David Bowie in front of a dedicated audience


who we are

Michael Saxe (lead vocals)
Ruoya Fanny (lead and background vocals)
John Kenneth (lead guitar)
Frank Larsen (bass)
Finn Markwardt (keyboards and background vocals)
Søren Kühle (keyboards and background vocals)
Lars Bertelsen (drums)


We are represented by

Leif Møllgaard
phone: +45 5124 4979


Borg Booking & Management

Karsten Storm
phone: +45 21 70 86 69

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